The 6 Year Anniversary Giveaway is Sponsored By (in alphabetic order): 

AndrewsToyzBig Bad Toy Store




Razor's Edge Collectibles




*And not all of our donations have arrived yet! Many more items will be added this week and some sponsors could be as well. Check back each day for updates!

We will be giving away over 100 prizes for both casual readers of the site and forum members.

Special Events that will test your creativity, Star Wars knowledge and much more!

We will have our normal Trivia Nights, Picture Submissions and Word Puzzles to name a few!

Bookmark this page and keep checking back at as we announce how you can take some of these great prizes home each day!

Below are just some of the many prizes we will be giving away this month thanks to our generous sponsors:


eFX Artist Proof Mark Hamill Signature Edition X-Wing




Sideshow Star Wars Commander Cody Legendary Scale Bust - 12" SSC Exclusive Lando


Sideshow Star Wars Commander Cody Legendary Scale Bust Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Lando Calrissian 12 Inch Figure


Gentle Giant Statues, Maquettes and Mini Busts!


Gentle Giant Darth Vader Statue




Hasbro Figures, Creatures and Multi-Packs!


starwars-rancor-jabba.jpg image by rollingheads 2009 Legacy Collection Exclusive Boxed McQuarrie Figure Set (1 & 2) C-9

2008 Legacy Collection Exclusive Boxed Joker Squad C-9

2008 Legacy Collection Exclusive Boxed Crimson Empire C-92009 Clone Wars Carded Jawas (2-Pack) C-7/8

2009 Legacy Collection Exclusive Stormtrooper Commander AFA 9.0U (SDCC '09 Exclusive)30th Anniversary Galactic Hunt Carded Biggs Darklighter C-7/830th Anniversary Galactic Hunt Carded Chewbacca McQuarrie


2008 Legacy Collection Carded Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise) C-7/82008 Legacy Collection Carded Spacetrooper C-7/8



Five $25 Gift Certificates to




Star Wars Autographs - 100% Authentic from!



Signed Art Prints!




Mini Sabers and FX Sabers!



Master Replicas Star Wars .45 Scale TPM Darth Maul Full Saber


Master Replicas Star Wars .45 Scale ROTS Anakin Skywalker Saber Master Replicas Star Wars .45 Scale ANH Obi-Wan AFB Saber


T-Shirts, Character Keys & Bust Ups!



Gentle Giant Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Bust Ups Box Set Acme Clone Wars Asajj Ventress Character Key Foreign Orders Only


Kotos, 1/4 Scales, Books, and More!





More will be added soon!

Terms and Conditions of the 2010 Year Six Giveaway: 

*Due to the size of  some items as well as weight, the winner agrees to pay all shipping charges and fees if they reside outside of the United States. If you live within the United States most items will be shipped for Free, however for oversized items, the winners may have to pay a portion of shipping. This will be done on an individual basis and if the winner decides they do not want to pay the charges, a new winner will be picked .

If you do not agree to that, please do not send in your entry. All entries must contain your full name and mailing address; incomplete entries will not be honored. Phone number may be required from the winner for shipping purposes due to the value of the item. 

Please note that some items may not be in mint or carded collectors condition and may be creased, or damaged in some way. All awarded prizes are final with no exchanges from or the donating sponsor.

If you wish to have your items insured you may pay for that service and we will do so at your request once payment has been received. All items will be shipped with USPS or UPS depending on size.

By submitting your entry you grant the right to print your name (first name only and state if you prefer) on the website as the winners are announced each day. All picture submissions must be via e-mail and you also agree to allow us to use that image and post it on our website for this and future promotions. No Items will be shipped until the conclusion of the giveaway on 3/1/2010, then please allow 2-4 weeks for processing, packing and shipping. You will be notified via e-mal when your prize has been shipped. reserves the right to change any prizes or cancel this giveaway at anytime should it become necessary. You must send in your entries using the correct links and addresses on this page, if you send to any other address your entry will not be accepted. Please note some items are only open for US and some for only outside the US. Please check each contest guidelines as they are announced.